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El     Eld    Tir    Nef    Eth    Ith    Tal    Ral    Ort    Thul   Amn    
Sol    Shael  Dol    Hel    Io     Lum    Ko     Fal    Lem    Pul    Um     
Mal    Ist    Gul    Vex    Ohm    Lo     Sur    Ber    Jah    Cham   Zod     Armor  Weapons  Shields   Swords  Axes  Maces  Spears  Polearms  Scepters  Staves  Wands  
Bows  Crossbows  Claws  Orbs  Daggers  Helms  Body Armor  
Paladin Shields  Shields   2  3  4  5  6   Original Runewords
1.10 Runewords
1.10 Ladder-Only Runewords
1.11 Runewords

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